Heat treatment preparation

Heat treatment will take 3-4 days depending on size of household

-Remove all clutter

-Stock up on frozen dinners, prepared meals, grab fast food coupons, prepare salads, cold meals, fresh fruit, enjoy microwavable foods.

-Our heaters do the work, while you can stay home with your pets; unlike fumigation.  Heat treatment is gauranteed to kill eggs if preparation is properly done by the client.

Heaters plug into 240v from cooking stove or dryer.  You will not have access to your stove for 8-12 hours per room for treatment.


-Wash all clothes, and linens in hot water

-Dry clothes and linens on high heat

-All clean clothes and linens- keep in plastic bags tied during the heat treatment process. (clear XL bags work better) 

-Empty all drawers and closets

-Remove all candles, crayons, lip balm, makeup, ammunition, fire arms, medication, deodorant, from bedrooms.

-Remove hair spray, perfume, rubbing alcohol and all combustible items from room, and bathroom if treating.  Remove anything known to melt.

-Electronics are going to be ok

-We recommend purchasing matress encasements for bed bugs immediatley after heat treatment for bed bugs.  Safe Rest brand is highly recommended for all sizes of mattresses and box springs.  Available through Amazon.

-Remove any livestock, including plants from treated rooms, treat your pet for flea's if fleas are the problem.

-Heaters operate over 140 Farenheit-180 Farenheit