Affordable Heat Treatment Rentals and Training for household pest control (BED BUGS)

Welcome to TKO Heat Treatment Rental where you can treat your home yourself with our new top of the line bed bug heaters which operate from 140-180 degrees Farenheit.

Training is provided by TKO Heat Treatment to each client.


Heat Treatment is primarily used for pest control at home, unlike fumigation. 

Affordable, reliable and safe for all your family and pets to stay home during the pest control heat treatment process. 

We service Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and Surrounding areas.  

Customer satisfaction and 24/hr support; to assist in operating our equipment yourself from your home, small business or clinic.

Our company focuses on heat treatment rental only which is 100% natural using no chemicals.  This treatment is safe for operation in the home.  By using heat treatment to kill off the household pests and their eggs.

Treat one room at a time. (performing heat treatment in 600sq. ft sections without tarps)

Heat treatment is used for killing bed bug infestations, cockroach infestations, ants or fleas in the household.


If your located within Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto or any of  the surrounding areas, we are here to help you at an affordable price.

We offer pick-up and delivery to all of our clients in unmarked vehicles.

Every day starts with a good night sleep.


Please read our heat treatment PREPARATION PAGE before inquiring on a rental.